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Vibe Scan is a better way to understand your customers

Utilize ChatGPT to track how your brand is being perceived online.

Preview of the mobile Vibe Scan dashboard.

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Track your reputation and gain more customers

Searchable sentiment

Customers research before purchasing. Vibe Scan emulates how customers research and reports the sentiment found during the scan.

Discussion sentiment

View a weekly breakdown of discussions related to your brand and track how the changes you make affect your user's experience.


Sentiment score

Your sentiment score indicates the impression potential customers are likely to obtain about your brand.

View important discussions

The dashboard includes a table of every discussion analyzed, allowing you to filter and search for the most important discussions.

Personal AI Assistant

Your personal AI assistant will help you understand the data and provide insights into how to improve your brand sentiment.

Find discussions that matter.

Searchable-View shows you discussions that appear towards the top of scan results.

Keep up with the discussions.

Recent-View shows you discussions that have occurred within the last week.

Track your competition.

View the sentiment scores of your competition and see how you compare.

Important discussions about your brand in one place

Vibe Scan scours the internet for discussions about your brand and aggregates them all into a single dashboard.

Monitor your impact.

Track how your experiments increase or decrease your online sentiment.

Stay alert.

Get notified when Vibe Scan performs its weekly scan for your brand.

Personal AI assistant.

Ask your personal AI assistant questions and learn insights about the data.

Don't let your brand's online reputation be a mystery

Try Vibe Scan today and take control of your online presence.

$27 / month

1 brand name tracked

Up to 200 discussions analyzed per scan

1 weekly scan

$67 / month

5 brand names tracked

Up to 1000 discussions analyzed per scan

5 weekly scans


Unlimited brand names tracked

Unlimited discussions analyzed per scan

Unlimited weekly scans